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Platinum Coaching and Implementation Program

Platinum Coaching and Implementation Program

This program is designed to teach you the steps a-z for implementing a full on competition hack and we will implement the high level solutions discovered within the competition market research phase.

Phase 1. Business Model Checkup:

Here we look under the hood of your business to analyze each component of your business model and all of its moving parts. This is a discovery process where we develop a common language to understand your business and develop a winning game plan for scaling your product or service.

Phase 2. Successful Competitor Hacking:

In this phase we uncover who your top Successful competitors are and we discover what exactly makes them successful. We then reverse engineer your competitors marketing systems and processes and simply leverage their results with the objective of reproducing similar results for your business.

This is very powerful and this alone has allowed companies like Facebook, twitter and Thumbtack to scale very quickly while merely having nimble marketing budgets.

Phase 3. Custom Sales funnel design and implementation:

During this process we create a custom sales funnel with the information gathered from phases 1 & 2. We build custom landing pages that have the highest outcome of converting customers because we already know which successful funnels your competitors are using.

We do not "duplicate" other content but we ethically and profitably emulate the successful processes other companies have used to experience explosive growth and then implement those successful process into your business model.

Phase 4. Determine your niche customer base and buyers:

During this phase we discover which niche groups to target for the lowest upfront investment so you can maximize your return on investment.

Phase 5. Design Custom Traffic Magnets:

Here we design your custom traffic magnets such as ads in social media, google, blogs, email templates, magazines and other platforms that are relevant to your business and have naturally proven to predictably drive explosive traffic within your niche market.

Phase 6. Funnel Campaign Management:

During this process we continue to monitor your ad campaigns, modify your ads so they stay fresh. We continuously track and monitor how your ads are converting and driving traffic to your site and we monitor the actual sales funnel itself to maintain the highest maintain maximum conversion of your customer base.

Phase 7. Joint Ventures:

Joint Ventures are the fastest way to go from a standing start to exponential growth virtually overnight. After we have implemented the first 6 phases we search for potential joint venture candidates for your product or service.

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