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When somebody searches for your brand on Google are the results positive or negative?

At Ignited Results we ensure only positive results are visible on the first page of Google.

Recent reports show 76% of consumers research companies online before they make a buying decision. So if the first thing that comes up about your company is a page of negative reviews it can be hard to win back their confidence, and the sale. That's why online reputation management is so important.

At Ignited Results we can protect your brand's reputation by ranking positive websites on the first page of Google (which controls more than 90% of the search market in Australia) for your brand search. Or we can help fix existing issues by outranking negative websites with positive ones.

Strategic Review

In the strategic review, we will assess the current state of your online reputation. We'll find out which sites are positive towards your brand, which are negative, and which are neutral. We'll then develop a strategy for outranking the negative sites with positive ones.

We'll use social media and SEO strategies to drown out reviews written by the one or two disgruntled customers who are simply out to hurt your business or bad-mouth your company. You'll receive a full report of our assessment including recommendations on what to do to manage it.

High-Quality Website Content

After the planning stages of the strategic review, Web Profits will implement an ongoing strategy to manage your reputation online. This strategy may include:

  • Establishing new web properties
  • Establishing social media properties
  • Leveraging popular websites
  • Implementing link-building strategies

The idea driving this plan is to contain, limit and replace any negative publicity on Google with information that will support a positive consumer sentiment towards your brand.

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