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LinkedIn Marketing

Whether you’re looking for a team to post the right content, build authority for your brand or generate leads using LinkedIn, we work with you to develop social media marketing strategies that heko you stand out from he crowd and Increase your Sales,

LinkedIn Strategy

During this FREE Strategy Session. We'll build a powerful, custom one-page marketing plan to grow your business and increase your revenues using Linkedin. Click Here to schedule.

Linkedin Courses

Study our self-paced course and learn everything about scaling personalized outreach strategies, building a LinkedIn power profile, attracting a steady stream of leads, and growing your online event attendance using Linkedin.

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Letter from the CEO

Welcome to Ignited Results!

It’s amazing to have you here.

My name is Jon James. I am an expert contributor to,, and Founder of Ignited Results, a full-service digital marketing agency helping business owners build authority, attract leads and generate sales using cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

My passion for digital marketing encouraged me to create a team of high-level professionals and experts, who deliver results with integrity and high-powered customer service across multiple industries.

We offer different solutions for your business, including LinkedIn Marketing, a service focused on appointment generation, community building, profile optimization, and social media activity through a sales development representative.

We also offer Youtube Marketing services, helping you become an Influencer by getting more views, subscriptions and building your YouTube SEO to successfully become a monetized channel under the Youtube Partnership Program.

Additionally, we connect you with the right social-media heavy-hitters through our Influencer Marketing service, to help you promote your products and services using social media influencers who already have the eyes & ears of your targeted customers.

Our firm is also in the business of offering Authority Marketing, where we help you secure more appointments, develop a reputation management system, and land placements in major publications such as USA Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

With all this being said, I am more than excited to be part of your journey to success and growth for your business through our efforts at Ignited Results.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Jon James
Founder and CEO of Ignited Results

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