AI Video Marketing:

Political Candidates

Are you tired of making the same video over and over again?

We know that feeling. That's why Ignited Results has created a way to make personalized videos for political candidates that are one-to-one with their constituents. This means that you don't have to spend time making one video and then repeating it over and over again - so that when they see it, they feel like YOU are talking directly to them.

It will cost thousands to create multiple videos for each voter.

You can do it for pennies with our ai-tech personalised video creator.

Wondering how to use personalization to gain more followers on social media, increase donations from supporters, and remind voters to go vote for you on election day? We've got your back.

Wide range of Outreach Methods

We can deploy those personalized videos via email outreach, social media, text messaging - whatever works best for your campaign!

Highly Targeted

If you want to target voters based on social media groups they belong to - groups centered around specific issues like housing, gun laws, homelessness, education, etc. we've got you covered.

Saving a Huge Amount of Time

You don't have time for complicated technology or long learning curves. You just need a simple platform that will help you connect with voters faster and more easily than ever before.